Anansi Tale: Wisdom Isn’t Found in One Person

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November 14, 2016

          Dearest All~ I had it all down. I knew what I wanted to write to you today—and I will still fulfill my goal. However, I keep getting sidetracked by my inbox. New York Times emails bleat about Hillary not going quietly into that good night. And the Financial Times is […]

November 9, 2016

        Trickster- Cap o’ Bells Dearest All~ We are all stunned by the outcome of the election– as are Mr. Trump and his family. By 11pm the television commentators were wide-eyed and ashen when they realized that a man who has been universally reviled was on the way to being elected 45th […]

Where is Houda al-Habash?

It has been four years since Houda al-Habash lived in Damascus. I heard via a news report that she left the city before the fighting started. I send her and her family blessings for safety and good fortune. I would like to think she is living with her family and relatives in some untroubled part […]

The Light in Her Eyes | POV | PBS

A Light in her Eyes is a an extraordinary POV documentary of Houda al-Habash in Damascus, Syria, who owns and runs a religious school. She preaches the Koran with an authentic love for God and supervises her teachers to help the girls memorize the Koran with that same love. This is an illuminating and uplifting […]

A Little Hell, anyone? Something to lighten the reading…

Hieronymus (Jerome) Bosch, Dutch Artist 1450-1516. His paintings are a bit on the surreal eternal suffering side. There was a fungus in the wheat, some say, that acted as an hallucinogen, thus, flour was tainted and villagers went up the garden path. It took them some time to find the source of their altered perceptions. […]