Client Feedback


The following comments were offered approximately 6-8 weeks following an Immersion Therapy Intensive. All respondents remained in weekly Psychotherapy or Creative Process Consults.

“I thought I would be exhausted after spending 8 hours ‘in the chair’. I was amazed! I left that evening feeling as light as a feather. It is six months later and I sleep wonderfully at night and during the day I still feel light and free!”

“I needed that dialogue all my life. I felt like a computer that didn’t have enough RAM. I could only work with what was in my view so I felt claustrophobic. I have disengaged a self-criticizing paralysis, dissociation. I am a smart person but I couldn’t engage emotionally, physically, intellectually. I gave myself permission to step off the third rail that day. I also developed tools in the world to exercise the insights I gained. It’s a great feeling! I am growing older, wiser, happier, and freer.”

“The intensive was an amazing experience. I did not have any idea we could go so deeply into my mind, find so many insights to my plight and then find my way to such a safe, clear place. I am still in the thick of it but managing with a deeper understanding of myself.”

“All my life I was so terrified of intimacy all I did was work. It was hard for everybody to see because I really care for people…but I kept a delicate, resilient web between us. I don’t know how it happened. All I remember is you [Peggy] telling the most wonderful stories. I discovered my dark queen who is my instinctual friend. My dark queen does not suffer fools gladly and loves to tell the truth.…I am learning from her. I feel much stronger.”

“…That day of intense exploration saved the project and I was awarded tenure.”

“God, I am out cold every night. I am having deep, deep sleeps. I can’t quite grasp my dreams. I know there’s a lot going on. Something’s coming in. I feel very good. My friends who know me well see and hear the change in me. They can’t tell what it is – I’ve shifted.”