Immersion Therapy


When I was a graduate student training to be a psychotherapist, my psychoanalyst gave me the best of all possible gifts: the experience of immersion analysis. We began work at 9am and worked until 6pm six days per week. I was burning with curiosity about how the human mind worked and I used my own mind as a laboratory. I am eternally grateful for this extraordinary investigation of psychological reality and for his enduring patience with me.

In immersion therapy, I offer you the experience of a full-day inquiry into your mind. Perhaps you have a creative puzzle to solve, or you want to arrive at a clear vision of a project. Perhaps you are stuck in a psychological issue that seems to have its own stubborn will, or you want to explore the archetypal realm of your mind. There are many questions that are best investigated through immersion therapy.

The day begins at 8am and we work to 6pm. You will be served organic snacks and lunch. There will be one break mid-morning and one break mid-afternoon. Lunch is 2 hours and includes time and a private space to doze.

You need to have a minimum of five psychotherapy sessions with me prior to the intensive. Additionally, you and I must both agree that the intensive experience will be beneficial for you.

If you are coming from out of town, information about lodging, car rental, taxi service and Chicago restaurants will be provided.