As revolutions erupt in the Middle East and Libya and cataclysmic events unfold in Japan, no doubt you are concerned about the state of the world.

I have grappled with ways to stay calm and mindful in these challenging times and decided to form a reading group for like-minded thinkers. I propose that we move to higher ground in the lead-up to December of 2012. We will study three little books about patterned thinking that contributes to upheaval. Our topic is Earth at a Crossroad: The Psychology of Evil and Violence.

We will begin meeting in April and once a month until December 2012. At the conclusion of our readings, the collective unconscious will be fused on the Judeo/Christian/Islamic idea of “End of Days”, the ending of the Mayan Calendar and the next US presidential election. We are privileged to personally witness the world grapple with the archetype of the apocalypse and this reading group will prepare us to experience the remarkable events as informed, calm and forward-looking individuals.

The first two books will focus on the psychological source of evil and violence while the third discusses the alternative, less polarizing modes of thought and action. Covering each book in depth will take several months at a time – there are seven modules consisting of three months each. Ideally you would attend all seven modules, but the reality of scheduling may not allow for that commitment. Thus, background materials will be available for those who are absent from the discussion. We will use such tools as blogging, social networking and will possibly make a videoconference option available for those who live outside of Chicago.

Many Blessings!