I consider clinical consultations an essential part of the psychotherapist’s journey. As a teacher and continual learner, I enjoy meeting with other therapists to discuss their clients and practices. If you are interested in an outside perspective on an individual case or your practice as a whole, please contact me to arrange a consultation. We can sit for a friendly conversation to discuss your goals and exchange ideas.

CG Jung, very beautifully describes what we try to achieve:

As to this self-knowledge, this real penetrating knowledge of our own being, do not make the mistake of thinking that it means seeing through the ego. To understand the ego is child’s play, but to see through the Self is something totally different. The real difficulty lies in recognizing the unknown. No one need remain ignorant of the fact he is striving for power, that he wants to become very rich, that he would be a tyrant if he had the chance, that he is pleasure seeking, envious of other people, and so on. Everyone can know such things about him or herself, because they are mere ego knowledge. But Self-knowledge is something completely different, it is learning to know of the things which are unknown (“Alchemy: The Process of Individuation – Notes on Lectures Given at Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule, Zurich, 1940-41,” p. 23)

Here is a very beautiful Navajo Prayer. The photograph was taken on Navajo Lands near Canyon de Chelly.

My body restore for me.
My mind restore for me.
Happily I recover.
Happily abundant dark clouds I desire.
Happily abundant passing showers I desire.
Happily may fair white corn, to the ends of the earth, come with you.
In beauty I walk.
It is finished in beauty.

~ From “Night Chant”, an invocation to the mythic Thunderbird, a Navajo healing ceremony from Navajo Legends by Washington Mathews