About Creative Asylum – old

A meeting ground between the worlds of art and work. 


We are a circle of artists, entrepreneurs, and compassionate thinkers dedicated to understanding the place of the creative professional in the “Creative Idea Economy,” as it evolves in the 21st century. Our purpose is two-fold:

We are a study group. We meet at regular intervals to discuss readings, hold dialogues, and (eventually) host expert speakers to cover topics relevant to our focus.

We aim to establish our group as a professional consortium, which will provide practical opportunities for members to brainstorm creative undertakings, facilitate crisp articulation of new ideas, and offer expert help to realize and implement those ideas.

It is the aim of the consortium to make decisions by consensus, and, after the first two-year cycle, to elect a facilitator to coordinate activities.


Creative Asylum holds the personal evolution of each member in the highest regard, as each individual’s insights contribute to the potency of the group as a whole.

Creative Asylum provides a space in which its members can openly explore and discuss the deeply intimate nature of the creative process, and at the same time sharpen the skills needed for communication and collaboration.

Creative Asylum seeks to connect the wisdom of the past with the challenges of the present, to clarify members’ understanding of the forces driving change around us, and to help members balance a sense of artistic vocation with the ability to prosper in today’s world.

Above all, each member of Creative Asylum is committed to truthfulness, encouragement of curiosities, compassionate exchange with others, dedication and diligence at work, and maintaining a sense of integrity in all endeavors.

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